What Is A VA Buddy Statement

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What Is A VA Buddy Statement

How Buddy Statements Can Help You Win VA Disability Benefits


Buddy statements are considered a type of “competent lay evidence” that is provided by a person with no specialized skills, training, or experience. The person …

How To Write A Lay Statement VA Buddy Letter Tuley Law


VA buddy letters—also called buddy statements, lay statements, or lay evidence—are statements made in support of a veteran’s claim for VA disability …

About VA Form 21 4138 Veterans Affairs


Use VA Form 21-4138 when you want to submit a VA “buddy statement” or other statement from someone with firsthand knowledge of information …

Writing A VA Buddy Letter What You Need To Know VetLaw


What is a VA Buddy Letter or Statement? … Buddy letters, also referred to as buddy statements, provide firsthand details about an individual’s incident that …

Buddy Letters And Buddy Statements From Your Wife What Are They


“Buddy letters” are lay statements provided in support of a veteran’s claim for VA disability benefits. These letters can describe the …

Is A Buddy Letter Important VA Claims Insider

Is a Buddy Letter Important?

If you suffered an injury or event in service that went unrecorded, or those records were destroyed, a statement from a buddy who served with …

Utilization Of VA Buddy Statements What Vets Should Know


A buddy statement is a statement written by an individual who has knowledge of the Veteran’s injury, illness, or in service event. They can be …

How To Write A VA Buddy Letter Veteran

How To Write A VA Buddy Letter

A buddy letter can provide evidence of where the event or injury that caused a disability occurred, when it happened, and other details about the event and its …

Tips For Writing A VA Buddy Letter With Examples CCK Law

Tips for Writing a VA Buddy Letter With Examples

VA buddy letters, also known as lay statements or lay evidence, are credible statements made in support of a claim for VA disability …

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