VA Form 21-0781 Reddit

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VA Form 21-0781 Reddit

Question About VA FORM 21 0781 R Veterans Reddit

Question about VA FORM 21-0781 from Veterans

VBA will request you entire military personnel and medical record from records management during the claim process. They will know what …

PTSD Is VA Form 21 0781 Required R VeteransBenefits Reddit

PTSD: Is VA Form 21-0781 required? from VeteransBenefits

I’m getting medically discharged for a physical injury. I also went to behavioral health for a mental diagnosis.

PTSD VA Form 21 0781 Question R VeteransBenefits Reddit

PTSD / VA Form 21-0781 Question from VeteransBenefits

PTSD / VA Form 21-0781 Question. Hello everyone! Finally getting around to filing a disability claim after a few years of being out.

Help VA Form 21 0781 R VeteransBenefits Reddit

Help? VA Form 21-0781 from VeteransBenefits

I just met with my VSO rep Friday and was told because I have PTSD as a diagnosis – I needed to complete the VA Form 21-0781.

Form 21 0781 R VeteransBenefits Reddit

Form 21-0781 from VeteransBenefits

This seems to be combat focused, does anyone know if I still fill this out for MST? Sorry to bother you!

Need Help With VA Form 21 0781 R VeteransBenefits Reddit

Need help with VA form 21-0781 from VeteransBenefits

My “acquired mental health” disorder is differed until I complete VA form 21-0781. I just have some questions on a few of the areas.

Did I Mess Up My Claim R VeteransBenefits Reddit

Did I mess up my claim? from VeteransBenefits

I’m not sure why I got confused but I wrote out a detailed personal statement on a VA Form 21-4138 instead of the VA For 21-0781. I signed and …

VA Form 21 0781 R VeteransBenefits Reddit

VA form 21-0781 from VeteransBenefits

VA form 21-0781. Hello. I am in the process of filing a claim. After going to therapy for years, I decided it was time after a couple …

Need Help With VA Form 21 0781 Veterans Reddit

[deleted by user] from Veterans

This is for a ptsd. I’m filling out the form online so I can submit it. In section II (Stressful Incidents), it says “Dates of unit assignment” …

PTSD VA Claims R Military Reddit

PTSD VA Claims from Military

To do that you’re going to need to fill out a VA Form 21-0781 form to try and show tat you have one. Okay, so you’ve got that out of the way.

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