V. Versus Vs

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V. Versus Vs

V Or Vs For Versus English Language Usage Stack Exchange


Contemporary usage is unitalicized ‘v.’, although there is a new tendency to use ‘vs.’ in the US press. This is exemplified by an article in the …

What Is The Difference Between Vs And V Quora


There is no difference. Both are simply abbreviations for the word “versus” and either form can correctly be used in a sentence.

Versus Definition Meaning Merriam Webster


One such case is versus, which is often written in a shortened form. You may choose between vs, vs., and v. Take care, when writing the word …

Versus Quick And Dirty Tips


Abbreviating “Versus” … So, how about when you want to abbreviate “versus”? The only time you should use “v.” as an abbreviation [for “versus”] …

Versus Vs Verses Merriam Webster


Versus and verses sound alike but are different words. Versus means “against” and is often seen abbreviated as vs. and v. Verses is the plural of verse, …

Is Vs Or Vs The Correct Abbreviation Format YourDictionary


In general, abbreviations for “versus” are more informal than spelling the word out. If you need to take a formal tone, you should use the entire word. It’s …

Versus And Its Abbreviations Daily Writing Tips


Depending on context, versus may be spelled out or abbreviated. The abbreviated form vs. is pronounced “versus.” The abbreviation for versus in the title of a …

Vs Versus Vs Versus V Business Writing Blog

“Vs” Versus “Vs.” Versus “V.”

The abbreviations “Vs.” “V.” and “Vs” are short for the word “versus,” not to be confused with the word “verses.” The word versus means “opposed” to something …

Versus V Vs Search For Entries Starting With V Writing Tips


Versus, meaning “against, opposed to” or “in contrast to,” is often abbreviated to vs. in sports coverage and to v. in legal documents. Versus and its …

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